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The Rules
« on: June 04, 2010, 05:43:50 AM »
In order to maintain a positive and enriching experience for all of our loyal forum members, there are but a few rules you must follow. Follow these simple rules and your stay here will be indefinite. Break them and receive a free vacation from the forum, the length of said vacation being determined by the severity of your infraction and what kind of mood the administrators or moderators are in, so please do your best not to piss us off.

The Rules:

#1: Be respectful towards the other members.

This one should self explanatory. If you are caught throwing unwarranted insults at another member, you will be handed ONE WARNING. Three warnings earn you a one week break from this place. Repeated offenses after this within a 3 month time frame will earn you an additional week, stack-able up to 3 times, at which point you receive a 3 month ban. Any further infractions will result in a permaban.

#2: No Trolling

Another simple rule to follow. Simply put, if you are caught trolling you will be laughed at and mocked by the moderators and administrators. Continue to troll and you will receive a 2 week ban, next offense after that will be a 1 month ban, then a permaban, depending on the severity of the trolling. Trolling moderators or Administrators will earn you an instant 3 month ban. second offense is permaban. Joke threads/posts are permitted

#3: Keep Discussions Clean

This forum is designed to be mostly safe for work, so please refrain from posting pornography and/or using racial and sexual slurs while on this forum. As for the humor forum, the NSFW flag still isn't an excuse for you to use racial and sexual slurs, or post pornography of any kind. Infractions of this rule will result in an immediate permaban. (Note: Explicit language is allowed)

#4: Piracy

Discussions about emulators and piracy in general are okay, but do not ever link to any piracy or endorse it. Infractions of this rule will be warnings accompanied with deletion of the offending material and possibly bannings.

#5 Multiple accounts and ban evasion.

Having multiple accounts will result in the deletion of the newer accounts and a 2 month ban for the oldest account. People caught evading bans will face a permaban.

#6 No Spam

Anyone caught spamming the forums will be permabanned. The creation of spam accounts will result in an IP Address ban and the deletion of said accounts. No exceptions will be made.

#7 Forum Wars

Anyone caught bashing any forum on these forums will be subject to a ban of at least one week. Repeated offenses will be subject to longer and longer bans, and possibly a permaban. Its alright to say where you are coming from, however it is not alright to complain about that place here.

#8 Thread Derailing/ Thread Crapping

Derailing a thread and thread crapping are two activities that are frowned upon heavily and can carry a variety of penalties depending on the frequency of which the offense is committed and the severity of the offense. First time offense can carry a penalty as light as a warning or as heavy as a one month ban. repeat offenders will be subject to a two or three month ban and eventually a permaban

Now these rules aren't so hard to follow are they?

Disclaimer: These rules are open to interpretation by the moderators and administrators. The forum administration have the final say in all matters. The rules are also subject to change at any time.
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