Author Topic: Did the 'net' ever sour you on something?  (Read 947 times)

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Did the 'net' ever sour you on something?
« on: May 30, 2013, 10:33:33 AM »
Back in 1999, when I was finishing college, I wrote a paper on online gaming for my networking class. In it, I wrote about the future of videogames and networking, and about how the Dreamcast was pioneering such tech.

Back in those days, I actually was naive enough to think working in the gaming industry, whether designing games, or maintaining networks would be a rewording career.

Yet after seeing how some people act online, particularly when there's a hiccup in a server, completely turned me off of the idea.

I can understand being mad at those who run the gaming industry, those behind the decisions of always online products, but it often seems to me that those who don't have control of the issues and are just there to cleanup are the ones that get the grief.

Its like the salespeople at stores who get yelled at when they have nothing to do with store policy. The person just trying to do her or her job, that gets the flack.

It reminds me of when I was a computer lab assistant and was required to verify people's IDs that were using computers. Unfortunately, the IDs had the full social security number on them, and could be used for identity theft.

But when you're a grunt following the school's policies, you have to follow them regardless of how dumb they may be.

Try doing that when you piss off people on student council, then have to go to them for funding of the other organizations that you work for in college. That is what they call politics.

But yet a number of people don't seem to get that those they deal with aren't the ones that make policy. They're just angry and take it out on some poor grunts who are just doing their jobs at the best of their ability.

Its like I can identify with people who don't like Gamestop policies, but even the store manager is just doing what s/he is told to by the district manager. I'm fortunate for being a long term customer as they seem less hellbent on boring me to tears with useless sales jargon than others who have to hear the whole sales pitch.

Sometimes we forget who the persons are that make the decisions we hate so much and take out our frustrations on those who just are trying to eke their way through life. Sometimes we forget that we're not the only ones who have to put up with b.s. because someone thought that their poopy ideas smelled like roses.

Its a shame in a sense, as I think most of us don't want to screw each other, and yet we're played like puppets by those who think themselves above us to do just that.

So maybe the next time our Internet Service is less than perfect, Steam crashes its servers for the umpteenth time, or a store employee is giving us less than perfect service, we can remember not to take it out on people, who like us, are just trying to eke by in this world.

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Re: Did the 'net' ever sour you on something?
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2013, 12:30:31 PM »
nope. Not that I can recall. I don't really wander outside of my interest zones.

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