Author Topic: Selling Vita Wifi w/4 games+stuff, GBA SP, pile of GB/GBC games, more  (Read 4477 times)

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This is a paste off a sales thing I have on NintendoAge.  I'm moving back to KY pretty soon so I'd like to lighten the load.  This won't be up for offer very long as I will then just bundle and auction stuff off at NA or ebay, a few I'd keep as tradebait when I get out there.  I know for a fact I'll forget I posted this, if you are interested in something PRIVATEMESSAGE ME.  I will respond, and if you don't like the price, throw me a counter as I am reasonable.

PICS OF ITEMS --> You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

$310 SHIPPED OR BEST OFFER -- Playstation Vita w/accessories and games:
This is a full starter lot for the system!  I just don't use the thing, has probably 30hours~ use to it which is sad.
Included in this package is the following:
- WIFI(non3G) system in the box, all inserts but a foreign language manual(english missing?) has AR Cards 1-6
- Vita USB cable+AC Adapter
- Vita Travel Case (two zipper areas, one for system, other folds open to store games, other stuff
- Vita plastic 32 game card case holder
- Vita Screen Cloth
- Vita Car Charger
- Vita 4GB Memory Card
     -- Games: Hot Shots Golf, Lumines, Touch My Katamari, Uncharted Golden Abyss - All COMPLETE, barely used

Gameboy and Gameboy Color- Nintendo:

- $40shipped -- Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP, Graphite, AGB-101 (Brighter), interior is in amazing shape with a clean screen, outside bottom clean too, outside top flap has some scuffs -- see pictures.  I WILL THROW IN FROM BELOW ANY $10 or LESS GB and GBC game of your choice or a mix of 2 games under $20.

$50 shipped in a small flat rate priority mail box -- Gameboy Prototype for LJN's Wrestlemania.  Appears to be a nearly finished if not completed copy of the game (I don't have the retail title.)  It's one of two proto items I have and just want to keep the other.

(Gameboy Games) <-- Prices below are shipped on **1** game, good bit less for more!
7 - Double Dragon
7 - Dr. Mario (CI)
7 - Kirby's Block Ball                                TAKE ALL THE GB GAMES FOR $50 SHIPPED
7 - Kirby's Dream Land
7 - Kirby's Pinball Land
12 - Metroid II Return of Samus
10 - Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball Bu Kyouteki! Doukyuu Senshi no Maki (JP)
17 - Samurai Shodown
8 - Street Fighter II
7 - Super Mario Land
8 - Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
5 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan
5 - Tetris

(Gameboy Color Games) <-- Prices below are shipped on **1** game, good bit less for more!
15 - Cannon Fodder
22 - Konami GB Collection Vol. 1 (UK) (CI)  <<----- TAKE ALL 3 UK KONAMI GAMES FOR $60SHIPPED!
    - Includes: Gradius, Castlevania, Konami Racing, Probotector
25 - Konami GB Collection Vol. 3 (UK)
    - Includes: Pop'n TwinBee, Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, Bikers, Guttang Gottong
22- Konami GB Collection Vol. 4 (UK)
    - Includes: Gradius II, Castlevania II, Yie Ar Kung Fu, Antarctic Adventure
5 - Mario Golf
5 - Pokémon Pinball
5 - Ready 2 Rumble Boxing
15 - Street Fighter Alpha

3DS - Nintendo 3DS: <-- Prices below are shipped on **1** game, good bit less for more!
25 - Zelda: Ocarina of Time w/collectors audio CD (+15 for pre-order CD)

SNES - Super Nintendo: <-- Prices below are shipped on **1** game, good bit less for more!
8 - Arkanoid
7 - Bubsy

Wii- Nintendo Wii: <-- Prices below are shipped on **1** game, good bit less for more!
15 - Red Steel 2
5 - Wii Zapper Accessory

SMS - Sega Master System:

OFFER - Sega 3-D Glasses CIB (Box, styro intact, all paperwork w/matcher serial#s)  Make offer as this seems to range in like shape between $70+shipping.  Bundling now with 3D Maze Hunter, 3D Missile Command, and Zaxxon3D in one box. and they're CIB.

Gameboy, Color, Advance Boxes.  All this stuff just make a fair offer on.
(GBA) - Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance
(GBA) - F-Zero GP Legend, Mario Kart Super Circuit(Player's Choice)
(GBA) - Super Mario Advance(Player's Choice)

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